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We are a young and dynamic company that you would like to get to know.

We are flexible, agile and reliable and we are confident that we can provide you an interesting offer and even more interesting solutions.


Your company is on an expansion course and you have to bridge load points or you are looking for new employees, but already need someone who leads your team and makes them more effective? We are used to leading large and small teams, even in challenging times, and we can move safely at all management levels, whether internal or external. Take the time to find the ideal candidate for your vacancy without losing productivity. We are at your disposal.


The IT-Strategy is an essential part of your business and yet it is By day business. Not infrequently, a strategy was defined, but not filled with life. We help you to define your IT-Strategy and, above all, to establish it throughout the company, because only then has it been worth investing into it.


The world is changing, but what does it mean to me? How do I manage in times of digital change, how do I make my company agile and what does my digital strategy look like? These questions have been the focus of an increasing number of managers since a few years, and although there is not yet the best way to go in all areas, it is clear that there is no option not to go. Over the past few years, we have gained a lot of experience, intensively explored the subject and want to make you and your company more digital.


Processes should make our lives easier, not more complicated. They should make processes faster, not slower. And, of course, as many processes as possible should be automated to avoid time, resources and possible errors. Processes are not a rigid construct that will stay the same for several years, but they need a regular review and, if necessary, an optimization. A good process creates space to deal with more relevant things, we can create this space for you. .


Products are for the user, not for the developer. Reduction to the essentials, an outstanding user experience and an excellent performance are the minimum requirements for your products. Of course, there are also other topics such as e.g. Data protection, interfaces and maintainability of a software, which must be taken into account. Our focus is on mobile applications, but we have already implemented numerous web applications. From concept to training and implementation, we can cover the whole process, but also only individual areas, so that your product becomes a success.


Do you have important projects, but not the necessary resources? Whether you are looking for agil or a waterfall, we will be happy to assist you with the realization of your projects and will gladly help you to achieve the best possible results.


How should my IT be built? What roles, functions and employees do I need? IT internally or rather externally? There are much to consider when defining the IT organization. Each company has its own framework parameters, which must be taken into account. We are experienced in the design and development of IT organizations and will gladly provide you with our expertise.


Service management is often equated with ITIL, and ITIL is still the standard in IT-organizations today. As a certified ITIL Expert, we can contribute our experience throughout the ITIL environment. Here, too, our focus is on simple structures, which are understood and lived, then only in this way do processes generate an added value. From the analysis of existing structures to the implementation of ITIL processes up to the training of your employees, we can provide you with professional support.


The world is changing, and that faster than ever before. But, your employees tend to be more consistent than constant change. In addition, it is difficult to find excellent employees and to bind them permanently to your company. Therefore, it is important to plan and shape changes professionally, as we make this change to be better, not to change. We know how a successful change management looks like, that employees are involved and that the chances of change are optimally utilized.