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Norbert Schmidt-Banasch

Managing Director

Mecom Media-Communication-Gessellschaft mbH

Project: Process-optimization

With the help of pacosi, we have been able to implement several projects to make our processes faster and more efficient. Especially the competence in process optimization, the goal-oriented approaches and the sovereign and reliable behavior towards management and employees makes pacosi to a valued partner with whom we will be happy to work together in the future Norbert Schmidt-Banasch

We have been able to realize several projects at mecom. The development and implementation of optimized processes in the fields of quality assurance, documentation and master data management, optimized use of the Atlassian toolchain, as well as the consolidation of various systems Due to the positive results, we have already been recommended by mecom to other customers.

Birgit Demiralay


Project: Process-consulting, reorganization, product development

"Even though we are still in the middle of the implementation, the support of pacosi has already brought many advantages and new insights. Through the new structures and processes, we are now able to concentrate on our core tasks and have already been able to further expand our business. I am curious about what we can achieve together with pacosi. We will definitely continue working with pacosi in the future" Birgit Demiralay

In addition to the reorganization of the most important processes and the introduction of process-supporting tools, we improved the website regarding content, mobile usage and legal requirements in order to meet current standards. We currently development a tool that will secure the company's decisive competitive advantage

Christian Andresen


Garden & Landscaping

Project: Process-automation

"With the new and partially automated processes in the field of billing and quotation, I was able to profit as a relatively small company and save time. The solution is ideally suited to the company and its circumstances, without having to adapt" Christian Andresen

As the first project, we have implemented the optimization and partial automation of the billing processes in order to speed up the processes.

We are a young company that wants to meet its social responsibility right from the start. Therefore, we support the local honorary office. pacosi technology GmbH provides among other things free resources for the development, coordination and execution of a marketing campaign for the recruitment of the volunteer fire brigade Hamburg and promotes the active cooperation of its employees with the volunteer fire brigade.